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What is ECGNOW ?

ECGNow is a simple to use, fast and effective way of making ECG’s available to clinicians who are not present with the patient.

Perfect for Ambulance crews who need an expert opinion on a patient. Are they suitable for PPCI? Show your colleagues and ask them for their opinion, “ECGNow” for them! Ideally suited hospital opinions - easily share the ECG with your colleagues for their opinion.

  • Open the App, and take a picture using your phone’s camera
  • Redact any sensitive information such as Patient Name. You can hide as many areas as you like.
  • Enter the patient observations
  • Push the send button to upload to the ECGNow server
  • Note down the code given to you
  • Call the person you wish to refer the image to, and ask them to go to
  • Give them the code that the app gave to you, and they will see the image.

  • The ability to save the image on the ECGNow server for future review
  • Option to send the image to your community for review
  • Option for the image to be reviewed by a centrally located cardiologist