Explore the Benefits of Telemedicine App ECGNOW and e-Consultations

October 14, 2019

MHealth technology indirectly linked to the progress of science in health. ECGNOW introduced patient's data and information via code that is easy to save, carry, share, and review. Telemedicine is probably the most considerable development in medicinal services. ECGNOW permits the digital sharing of ECG reports information to shorten the distance and optimize the diagnosis. Quick delivery of the report It manages a long-distance relationship between patient and clinician contact to fast online delivery of your reports, guidance, updates, monitoring, and checking. Travel time and long-distance among patients and care suppliers really take too much time to deliver a report. Luckily, telemedicine apps can cover up the distance to the healthcare Get Quality ResultĀ  ECGNOW enables the delivering of the waveform to increase the accuracy of exam interpretation and lead to greater efficiency of reports. ECGNOW provides the quality of results in both the organization of doctors and the patients. Telemedicine app can help to improve the quality of care for patients with medically and mentally. An ongoing report demonstrated that with telemedicine, patients had: 38% less medical clinic admit 31% less medical clinic re-admit 63% spend less hospital time Reduced TimeĀ  To send the ECG test report urgently to your doctor, ECGNOW is the best option for you. This app will save cost as well as your time to share for delivering reports with the specialist. In this app, you send a code to the doctor rather than addressing the whole ECG report to your doctor. According to a study showed that telemedicine apps could reduce 19 percent of the cost. Future of Telemedicine with e-Consultation Telehealth has been appeared to beat boundaries to healthcare caused by the distance between patient and doctor. Online care is gaining more prevalent among patients and doctors. The patient now talks to the doctor, share quality reports without visit the clinic, and wait for an appointment. It seems simple, with one-touch on your phone. Now a day e-consultations are rapidly gaining popularity in the healthcare industry as a telemedicine service. According to the study, online consultations care is effectively in common problems like flu, acne, headache, and cough. Make a note that not virtual consultations solve every problem. Read more: What Are the Main Signs That Your Heart Needs an ECG Test? ECGNOW app brings new evolution for delivery of ECG reports hassle-free to healthcare professionals with ensuring a higher quality of reports delivery. This free services is available 24*7 on your smartphone.