How ECGNOW Change the Way of Healthcare Communications

October 14, 2019

Are you frustrating to providing ECG delivery to your Doctor? Or tried to visit the hospital again and again for showing your ECG? If yes, then we provide a solution like a new wave of medical treatments is coming to your phone. The mobile app development technology creates new opportunities to improve health and patients-doctors communications. How it's working? Use this app and create a code of your ECG report. Share this code to your doctors, and they can see your ECG report by this code. The healthcare app, ECGNOW, is simple to use. Patients can easily share their ECG reports to clinicians. In Features, App may also include medication lists and additional doctor instructions if needed. Capturing meaningful data of a patient's heart is changing the way of the medical industry. The visual representation of those waves provides some vital information:  

  • It depends on how long it takes each electrical waveform to pass through the heart. It indicates whether a heartbeat is fast, slow, regular, or irregular.
  • It can also describe if the heart is too large or taking much load when the electric waveform passes through the heart.
Telemedicine App brings evolution to Healthcare Industry: The apps allow patients to hide some unnecessary information. You can send ECG at any time if you are at airport terminals, in train or bus, while travel, sending out information and alerts to doctors and your group. You can get virtual support and safety if needed. You can easily create a new group, add members in your app, and share them with your reports. It also has the option to send a report to all your group or individual. The results display to the screen by entering a code by the doctor onĀ The primary purpose of the application is to help users to gain more control of their own lives. Your ECG waveforms displayed on the website when your Doctor enters the shortcode given by you. The purpose of this technology can help users, allow sending electrocardiograms to doctor, rather than requiring cardiologists to walk down to an emergency department or walk into the clinic to view the ECG. It's perfect for hospital and ambulance crews use. In-group of senior citizens increases the demands of this app because the survey respondents say apps may help reduce the number of office visits to the clinic. The smartphone app has found its way into the pockets of nearly every clinician and patient in recent years and offers new opportunities to healthcare. Smartphones and apps for healthcare referred to as mHealth. It provides greater access to the high quality of ECG reports at the end. ECGNOW can work as a bridge between patients and doctors. Check out for more: What Are the Main Signs That Your Heart Needs an ECG Test? Wrapping Up: You can deliver your ECG reports to your professionals, who may help you. This whole process flow can take a minute with ECGNOW. This app is available at your fingertip 24 hours a day, seven days a week with free of cost.